KYC Verification Guide

How to verify the account

Does anyone like all this long verification and bureaucracy at all? Surely not. So here are instructions on how to verify \your account in one go simply. Spoiler alert: all you have to do is upload your documents correctly! And then your account will be verified as soon as our team verifies it. Well, let's get started!

What format we accept documents:

  • photos of original physical documents
  • original electronic documents in PDF format
  • screenshots of web/mobile versions of websites and mobile applications

We do not accept all of the above variations and similar:

  • screenshots of photos of physical documents;
  • photocopies;
  • printed electronic document;
  • scanned copies of documents;
  • edited documents;
  • collages;
  • documents with partially hidden information, including flash photography (credit cards are an exception);
  • damaged documents;
  • cropped, unreadable, poor quality, blurry, lighted or too dark photos of documents.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact our support!

Proof of Identity: an ID card, driver’s license, or passport.


  • All information on the document must be visible, the full document must be in a frame.
  • For an ID card/driver’s license, both sides are required.
  • For a passport, a photo of the full spread (2 pages) is required.
  • An ID must show the following data: full name, photo, date of birth, date of issue and or expiry date.

Proof of Address: a bank statement or utility bill

Requirements: The proof of address should contain:

  • full name
  • address
  • issue date/period - not older than 3 months
    Note. Only PDF files are accepted. Screenshots of documents aren’t allowed.

Payment Methods: credit cards, Bank Accounts, e-wallets you deposited with, etc.

Requirements for Credit Cards

  • card’s number, expiry date, cardholder’s name must be visible on both sides;
  • middle part of the card’s number must be hidden: 1234 56** **** 7890 - front side, 0987 **** **65 4321 - reverse side;
  • CVV/CVC codes must be hidden.

Requirements for Virtual Credit Cards

  • A screenshot of the card in your mobile banking app, all requirements are standard.

Requirements for E-wallets and Banking Accounts

  • The screenshot of the profile must be visible:
  • the account’s ID number/email address;
  • full name;
  • address bar (for web versions only).

Proof of Payment (Proof of Deposits): a screenshot of a successful deposit on our site.


A screenshot of the transaction’s details from a website/an app or a PDF document showing all the following:

  • time and date
  • amount
  • sender
  • merchant
  • status (successful)
  • transaction’s ID/reference number
    You can download a PDF statement for a single transaction if an online/app version does not show all the necessary information. If you can’t get details of a single transaction, you can take a screenshot of your transaction history in an online/app version or download a PDF statement.
    Note. If you were using only a physical credit card as your deposit method, Proof of Payment is not obligatory.

Selfie with an ID: the photo of you holding an ID you uploaded as Proof of Identity.


  • Good lighting
  • Can clearly see you and your document in your hand
  • Don't overlap the photo on your ID or other information
  • Try to provide a clear photo without blurring